III/III-6-b subdivision


B u d a p e s t, 30 June 1987

Subject: the confidential investigation codenamed “Painter”


Our target person’s foreign network of connections has expanded; he maintains contact with several foreign art publishers and individuals. He visited the exhibition titled “New Venues of the Arts” in Italy.

His trip was supported by the Art Fund of the Hungarian People’s Republic.

Galántai is invited by two staff members of the Dutch book dealer’s called “Het Fort Szakoo” to participate in the underground book fair to be held in Amsterdam in spring 1988. The title of this event is: “Fair of Information Carriers Presenting Radical Movements of the European Underground and Dissident Opposition”.

The staff members of the book dealer’s requested our target person to:
– seek out the unknown radical groups active in Hungary and regularly send them information and documents about these,
– and to represent the private individuals and groups who cannot participate in the event and cannot travel to Amsterdam.

The HAS-Soros Foundation granted the annual 240 thousand forints to our target person this year too for the publication of his issues of “AL”, and to further develop his “Art pool” collection. However, Galántai discontinued the publication of his “AL” series as a result of our measures taken in the printing offices we discovered he had been using.

István Szegedi, warrant officer

Registry number: 6/4-211/87.
Printed in 3 copies

[“Zoltán Pécsi” asks for forgiveness]

[To the attention of the readers / researchers]