III/III-4-b subdivision


B u d a p e s t, 28 March 1986

Subject: based on material retrieved through “K” [postal] interception


Our target person continues to maintain close ties with foreign individuals, mainly people pursuing fine art activities or managing such.

As a result of our measures, a large part of Galántai’s connections established in the past years have been eroded. His collaboration with new individuals is mainly related to applying to various scholarships and the organisation of exhibitions and events. His contacts at various fine art groups and organisations invited our target persons to hold lectures and present his work. He received invitations from the following ̔fine art’ organisations and individuals:
– the organisation called MASM-Hawai (France) invited him to participate in editing an LP made with the participation of 18 countries.
– “Expanded Theatre” (Poland) invited him to an international festival.
– “Off Centre Centre” (Canada) invited him to take part in their fine art work.
– CRKL 89.1 Radio (Canada) invited him to a Neoist music festival titled “Smile”.
– G.A.T. GALLERY (Canada) invited him to the events of the festival called “Video Culture Canada”.

Our target person did not manage to travel to these places.

In order to improve his financial situation as much as possible, he asked for support from J. V. Mladek, a citizen of the USA, to help him get a scholarship to America. Said individual was unable to help him despite his initial promise to do so.

Upon Galántai’s request, the HAS-Soros Foundation granted him 240 thousand forints to support his activities in 1985. He has to use this money to organise the material he collected and manages, and to publish the next issues of his “Art Pool Letter / Topical Letter”. The same sum will be granted to him in the coming years upon regularly providing a financial accounting of its use. The sole condition imposed by the HAS-Soros Commission is that Galántai should develop a concept for when and how their materials will be transferred to a public collection. As a result of winning the Soros grant, Galántai continues to operate his archives called ‘Art POOL’, which he established without official authorisation. Various materials keep arriving in his collection. However, compared to previous years, the scale of received materials is significantly lower.

Registry number: 4/5-385/86.
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