III/III-4-b subdivision


B u d a p e s t, September 1984

Subject: from the materials gained through operative technical regulation 3/a (tapping, interception)

(about Galántai’s activity)

From January 1983 his main activity has been the editing and distribution of the publication titled “Topical Letter”. He is helped significantly in this work by his wife, who translates the foreign language materials and types the texts up. Completing an issue (300 copies) took about two months. He sells a copy for 60 forints; several official institutions, such as the Fine and Applied Arts College and Vocational School, and the Museum of Pécs. At the moment he is working on the ninth issue. In his communication he emphasises that will be the last issue and he will finish it then. He complains about his financial and other problems and that the police are preventing him from doing this work. He commented that he would personally like to continue the project because the periodical is generally described as “an excellent work that shows people what official cultural policy does not”. (…)

Based on a foreign model, he started making a “cassette-periodical”. He records lectures, interviews and ‘literary works’ on cassettes and the ready materials are exchanged and played in friendly circles. He completed his 250-page volume titled “Életmű” [Oeuvre], which is devoted to his life and work so far.

Registry number: 4/5-885.
Printed in 3 copies

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