III/III-4-b subdivision


Budapest, 3 January 1983

(about the planned Stamp-film
and AL [Artpool Letter])

Galántai sent out ‘New Year’s greetings’ by post. The ‘series’ my acquaintance received comprises three printed parts. One is a small leaflet, which announces the making of the above-mentioned film. ("Coming soon... Stamp-film.") The second one is a Self-portrait set made up of seven ‘postcards’. It showed an old work Galántai made at least five years ago: a vastly enlarged head portrait printed on textile. He placed the textile in a ‘land art’ arrangement, set in different environments, and took photographs of it in each location. (A similar series was published in an old issue of the periodical Mozgó Világ [World in Motion].) An interesting thing about the series is that the numbering at the top of the sheets – probably the order of the original series – is different from the order of numbers placed after the phrase “Artpool Card”. An armed person (blurred) can be seen in one of the pictures, who was probably a Workers’ Militia man taking action during Galántai’s land art action.

The third part of the mailed material is a large picture, which is similar to the earlier “Art Pool Letter” series but it does not bear such a title, nor a serial number. The picture shows a newspaper clipping about the story of Galántai’s ‘sculpture’ in Dunaújváros, from the latest issue – 9 December 1982 – of the Danube Iron Works factory paper titled “Üst” [Cauldron]. It can be assumed that Lajos Tribolt, who signed the article, is an admirer of Galántai and a representative of his interests in Dunaújváros, and the article might have been written with the aim of promoting the erection of the sculpture. On the back of the sheet there are two short passages summing up ART POOL’s objective. As far as I know, it is the first time that the name of the person who made the prints and the marking “c” (Copyright) have been placed at the bottom of the sheet. (Galántai’s name can be read next to it.)

Galántai said that he wanted to have another screening of the film, now for other guests. He promised that he would invite my acquaintance to this event, or if he forgets to call, my friend should try to reach Galántai by phone around the 15th-20th of the month.

Tibor Horváth, 1st lieutenant

Registry number: 4/5-44/83.
Printed in 4 copies

[“Zoltán Pécsi” asks for forgiveness]

[To the attention of the readers / researchers]