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B u d a p e s t, 8 June 1982


During a phone conversation Galántai asked my acquaintance to submit some sound recordings. Private recordings are increasingly popular among Western artists; this launched a new ‘movement’ in which non-musicians make sound recordings using various techniques. This trend is basically independent from modern classical music and pop music too although it uses some of their elements occasionally. (In many cases these are collective recordings: the ‘artist’ records the conversations and noises made by a group of people.) Galántai has received many such sound recordings already from the West, mainly on audio cassettes. He stores these cassettes in a separate section of his Art Pool collection. He played some of the recordings to my acquaintance, and he later played some in public in Fészek Club, during the screening he organised on the occasion of the stamp exhibition. Only a few people attended this event. In recent months Galántai has been preoccupied with the idea of familiarising the products of this ‘art trend’ with a wider audience in Hungary and arouse interest in the production of similar works. He would then promote the resulting products – works by Hungarian artists – abroad, just like during his current trip. Galántai is obviously motivated to embrace this ‘genre’ because he wants to be the first one in Hungary in this respect. It is true that right now Galántai is the only one in Hungary who has a largish number of sound recordings that were made in Western countries by fine artists and other persons who are not musicians and are circulated in the artistic communication network.

Tibor Horváth 1st lieutenant

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